Computers in the 20t​h​ century were special tools used in households and offices only by some people. However computers in the 21s​ t​ century are miniaturized, connected to high-speed wireless networks, and can recognize human expressions, faces, and voices, becoming a common tool that expands our daily lives. They are also incorporated in various spaces such as cars and railroads, museums and railway stations, as well as public spaces such as roads and parks. In the 22n​ d ​century, small computers that are not visible to the human eyes and various types of computers are said to produce, process, and distribute digital information, surpassing human activities. Using such machines, the Nakazawa laboratory develops systems to make people happy.

Nakazawa Lab is part of the “Murai・Kusumoto・Nakamura・Takashio・Van Meter・Uehara ・Mitsugi・Nakazawa・Takeda joint research project”. Daily activities are done at research groups(KG) that are divided by research fields. There is no screening. To those that are interested in joining, please read the following this page and attend the first join research lab meeting.

To those that were unable to attend the first joint research lab meeting or wish to join the lab during the semester, please come directly to S213 of the Delta building.