SFCity Project

“Regional IoT and Information Technology Research Consortium” is an industry-government-academia collaborative research project established at SFC research institute of Keio University. Using regional IoT technology to comprehensively sense all information in the city and data processing technology to generate powerful information affecting human behavior, we are promoting research to make the city smarter. The purpose of this consortium is to make people’s lives in the city richer, more enjoyable, safer, smarter and more convenient by creating services that utilize the power of information. A network has been established between stakeholders of industry, government, and academia, and a system has been established to continuously engage in various information exchanges, technology development, business development, etc. we are looking for members of this consortium. Once you become a member, you will be able to participate in consortium-sponsored symposium, events, study sessions, and technical tutorials, as well as free use of research results (with support from some of the researchers).